Mayrath Transport Augers

Let your tractor do the raising, positioning, lowering, and transporting with Mayrath Swing-Away Augers.

The internal GEAR drive utilizes the tractor PTO to power the main auger and swing out hopper. The large boot area provides unrestricted grain flow at maximum capacity.

The power is transferred through the PTO to the main auger. An oil bath drive and gear boxes are used totransfer power to the swing out hopper from the PTO. A spring loaded door on the swing out protects the main auger from being overloaded.

The main tube is available in a durable galvanized or powder coated painted finish.
Painted and galvanized¬†available in 8″ to 13″ models

The heavy-duty aircraft cable truss system aids in supporting the main auger.


Use your tractors hydraulics to manuever the incline tube with the push of a lever.  Dual wheel drive kits available in all sizes.

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