Winter Discount/Inventory reduction sale-New equipment

GRAIN BIN WINTER DISCOUNT/INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE.  Quantities limited: Contact us for various options/changes, for a complete quote, or with any questions.  Grain bin packages are priced to sell

Brock 8″ tube and screw unload for 27′ bin w/center roller well, two int roller wells, rack and pinion controls…(one only)……$1576

Hutch 10″ powersweep unload kit for 30′ w/center well, two int wells, control rods, wall flange: (one only)…..$4476

Spread-All E-6 Hi speed, galvanized, reversible, electric, spreader w/pan.  13″ auger capacity for 36′-54′ diameter bins:  List price: $1860   Special price…………..$920

Safety cage inventory reduction sale; Safety cage materials for apprx 18′ of cage w/extension kit for top…..$310.05

Brock 54′ grain bins.  Several sizes available from 50,000- 110,000 bushels……Contact us

Brock 42′ x 26′ eave (33,000 bu) grain bin package.  10″ powersweep…….Contact us



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