2012 DMC 1700 5″ 30hp 3ph pneumatic system

2012 DMC 1700 5″ pneumatic conveying system…….SOLD!!!

  • 30hp 3ph 230v positive displacement blower
  • airlock was rebuilt in 2018 (sent to repair center)
  • CA select valve 6-hole distributor and output kits
  • pre-cleaner kit for air intake
  • 5″ piping materials to 6 bins including: 6-deadheads (4 plastic 2 metal) 2-5″ truss kits, 6- 60 degree elbows, 1-Stainless 90 deg elbow, over 230′ of 5″ galv piping

New materials current sale price:  $36,235

2012 1700 system complete:  SOLD!!!

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2012 SQ24D Cont flow dryer 3ph LP

2012 Brock SQ24D full heat, continuous flow dryer….$45,000

  • 1495 hrs
  • 1211 bph capacity (20.5% to 15.5%)
  • 25hp 230 3ph double inlet cent fan
  • LP fuel w/internal vaporizer
  • Spectrum controller
  • control panel lights
  • moisture equalizers
  • ‘Evenflo’ conveyor unload

Materials New:  $66,400

Sale Price for 2012 unit:  $45,000

Unit is currently at HFS.  More pictures available…

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Mayrath 10″ x 36′ swing away…….$5,240

Mayrath 10″ x 36′ gear drive swing away w/the following:

  • 1/4″ flight (estimated at 70% left)
  • corn screens
  • implement tires
  • 60 degree spout

Current New price: $8,235

SALE PRICE: $5,240

Unit was tore down and refurbished at HFS: New corn screen covers, new coupler between gearboxes, new pickup flight on long auger

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Late model SQ16D cont flow dryer 1ph w/5″ DMC blower and airlock…..$53,750

SQ16D full heat continuous flow dryer w/spectrum controller

  • 15hp 1ph double inlet cent fan
  • moisture equalizers
  • ‘Evenflo’ chain and paddle unload
  • LP burner w/internal vaporizer
  • 650 hrs

DMC 1200 5″ pneumatic system (blower and airlock only)

  • twin 10hp 1ph positive displacement blower on skid
  • 1hp airlock on skid
  • pre-cleaner kit included
  • muffler/silencer included
  • control box w/starters

Packaged total:  $53,750

Materials are installed on location.  Please call for more details.  More pictures available upon request.

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Brandt 10″ x 70′ Swing away w/hyd wheel kit….$10,000

Brandt 10″ x 70′ swing away auger w/twin screw hopper, hyd wheel hopper kit.  Auger has never been used. Unit is for sale by customer.  Please contact Scott: (309) 678-5169

Sale price: $10,000

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GK 8″x 33′ TD auger w/5hp 1ph motor & switch box…….$3,250

Used Grain King 8″ x 33′ TD truck auger w/Dura-edge flight, HD undercarriage, Baldor 5hp 1ph TEFC motor w/switch box, New bolt on hopper and belting………………$3,250

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Mayrath 10″ x 31′ TD w/10hp 3ph motor & cntl box…….$3,700

Used Mayrath 10″ x 31′ TD truck auger w/1/4″ flight, new intake guard, new tires, Baldor 10hp 3ph TEFC motor w/switch box.  Flight estimated at 75-80% remaining…….$3,700

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Used 22″ 5hp 3ph aeration fan w/controls…….$745

Used 22″ 5hp 3ph aeration fan w/controls.  Tested and inspected at HFS……..$745

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Used Farm King 10″ x 72’………$3,375

Used Farm King 10″ x 72′ swing away auger w/hyd lift, twin screw hopper: New incline flight and pickup installed by HFS.  Contact us for more info

Cash price:….$3,375

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New Shutter assembly for CF-10/15 fan………$250

GSI F-6942 shutter assembly for CF-10 CF-15 fans.  New list: $502

Sale price:  $250

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