Mayrath 10″ x 62′ GDSA galv……….$5989

Mayrath 10″ x 62′ gear drive swing away, refurbished w/the following:

  • 1/4″ HD flight estimated at 75%
  • low profile hopper
  • galv tube
  • hyd scissor lift undercarriage
  • new lower gearbox
  • replaced back half pto

Mayrath 10″x 62′:  $5,989

Unit was torn down and refurbished by HFS.  For more pictures, videos, or information please contact our office.


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Westfield 8″ x 61′ GDSA…………$3689

Westfield 8″ x 61′ gear drive swing away, refurbished w/the following:

  • New flight in entire auger (long auger, incline, and hopper)
  • corn screens
  • gearboxes inspected
  • torn down and rebuilt at HFS

Used unit is on lot at HFS……….$3,689

For more information or additional pictures or videos, please contract our office

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Westfield 8″ x 61′ GDSA…….$5649

Westfield 8″ x 61′ gear drive swing away w/the following:

  • HD Dura-edge flight est at 80%
  • powder coat  painted tube

Used unit on lot at HFS:  $5,649

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1989 JLG 1250 Crane; Mounted on 89′ F800 Diesel……$16,455

89′ JLG 1250BT 12.5T Crane mounted on Ford F800 Diesel……$16,455

  • 12.5 ton crane
  • 66′ boom
  • 1422 crane hrs
  • 84,800 miles
  • 5 speed transmission

Crane has been inspected yearly and maintained.  As is.  For more info or specific pictures please contact our office

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New Brock 36′ Tri Corr, smooth top, channel loc floor

New In Stock! Brock 36′ Tri corr, smooth top, channel loc commercial floor:

  • 12 bndls of flashing
  • 36′ screw kit
  • 36′ flashing bolt kit
  • Materials list:  $4820

The floor is the most important item of any bin and the Tri corr floor is the industry’s best

Special sale price:  $3,550 (only one)

2-Used DMC Model 171 Stir-a-tor double auger 1ph…..$1000 ea

2- Used DMC model 171 double auger 1ph stir-a-tor for sale by customer.  Units are removed from bin…..$1000 each

For more information please contact Jim: (815) 791-0182

Units are located north of Mansfield, IL

Used GSI 40′ floor w/”W” supports……$2,300

Used GSI 40′ smooth top, channel loc floor w/”W” supports (less flashing, hardware) for sale by customer.

Unit is apprx 12 yrs old and was installed in 40′ Behlen bin

Located at Elkhart, IL.  Contact John (217) 202-5601


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SA625C SuperB dual fuel 3ph grain dryer……….$25,764

Early 90’s SA625C Low profile, continuous flow grain dryer

  • Dual fuel capabilities (Nat Gas, LP) w/built in vaporizer
  • 30hp 3ph centrifugal fan
  • 23% to 18% 1125 bph capacity
  • 7300 hrs
  • New load auger
  • New unload motor
  • fully refurbished

Dryer is on the lot at HFS and ready to go.  Does not include transports.  For more information please contact our office.


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2017 Mayrath 8″ x 34′ TD w/hopper………$3,980

2017 Demo 8″ x 34′ Top Drive auger, PTO drive….$3,980

  • 12 ga galv tube
  • 1/4″ flight
  • new tires
  • spout w/24″ flex
  • 24″ inlet hopper w/high belting

Unit was a demo unit and had 15-20k bushels ran through it.  Auger is practically brand new and is on site at HFS.  For more pictures or info please contact us at your convenience.

Mayrath 10″ x 36′ swing away…….$5,240

Mayrath 10″ x 36′ gear drive swing away w/the following:

  • 1/4″ flight (estimated at 70% left)
  • corn screens
  • implement tires
  • 60 degree spout

Current New price: $8,235

SALE PRICE: $5,240

Unit was tore down and refurbished at HFS: New corn screen covers, new coupler between gearboxes, new pickup flight on long auger

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