Brock 14″ 1.5hp 110v aeration fan w/Transition…..$717

New Brock 14″ 1.5hp 110v galvanized aeration fan w/ small transition………$717

quantities limited.  Selling price is for fan and transition package; not applicable if separated.

New Mayrath Transport Augers

– 10″ x 63′ GDSA w/ZAM Galv. hyd. lift HX -$10,931
– 10″ x 73′ GDSA w/ZAM Galv. hyd. lift HX- $11,527

Winter Discount/Inventory reduction sale-New equipment

GRAIN BIN WINTER DISCOUNT/INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE.  Quantities limited: Contact us for various options/changes, for a complete quote, or with any questions.  Grain bin packages are priced to sell

Brock 8″ tube and screw unload for 27′ bin w/center roller well, two int roller wells, rack and pinion controls…(one only)……$1576

Hutch 10″ powersweep unload kit for 30′ w/center well, two int wells, control rods, wall flange: (one only)…..$4476

Spread-All E-6 Hi speed, galvanized, reversible, electric, spreader w/pan.  13″ auger capacity for 36′-54′ diameter bins:  List price: $1860   Special price…………..$920

Safety cage inventory reduction sale; Safety cage materials for apprx 18′ of cage w/extension kit for top…..$310.05

Brock 54′ grain bins.  Several sizes available from 50,000- 110,000 bushels……Contact us

Brock 42′ x 26′ eave (33,000 bu) grain bin package.  10″ powersweep…….Contact us



Special: 3/8″ x 1″ Gr8.2 bin bolts….

Overstock special:

3/8″ x 1″ grade 8.2 Hex head bin bolts w/seal washer………….0.15 ea

Lot of 3 (2,550 bolts total) 3/8″ x 1″ grade 8.2 hex head bin bolts w/seal washer…………$306.00 (20% off)

Bolts are on site at HFS

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Newsletter – Profitability of on farm drying

Below is a link to an interactive slide show w/videos, and audio, facilitated by third party research group Beck Ag.  The presentation is a summary of profitability of on farm drying, storage, and phantom loss research that included data/information from farm growers, University professors, and Brock.  The main contributors are: Ben Reinsche an Iowa farmer who produces apprx 800,000 bu of corn annually, Troy Fiechter an Indiana grower, Dr. Dirk Maier a Professor of Ag engineering at Iowa State University, and John Tuttle a CTB territory representative.  Some of the highlights from the presentation:

-Ben Reinsche chart showing a .81 cent/bushel savings from his drying and storage facility.  .81 x 200 bu/acre corn is $162/acre savings.  Proving that on farm storage/drying is still one of, if not the best, ROI for any operation.  For those of you who are unsure if it is worth the effort:  Given the above conservative estimate of .81.  Assume you have 500 acres and the average bu/ac for the past 25 years is 152 bu/ac.

500 ac x 152 bu= 76000 bu x .81 x 25 yrs = $1.539 million!!  Even if you believe the .81 cents is high, simply adjust to meet your situation.  These savings will only continue to increase in the future

-Troy Fiechter: showing a 4% yield loss for every 1% moisture in 2013 and 2014 for every bushel he let “field dry”.  His chart shows an Average $ gain/acre from 2013 and 2014 calculating phantom field loss only, was $65.46/acre.

If you want to maximize the profitability of you operation, you need to utilize on farm drying and storage!  Please review the link and as always if you have any questions please contact us at your convenience.

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Available in 1ph or 3ph w/controls.  All galvanized.  Quantities limited
-24″ 7.5hp vane axial fan
-24″ 10hp vane axial fan
-26″ 12hp vane axial fan   
-28″ 15hp vane axial fan 
-24″ LP (liquid) ‘Deluxe’ heater  
-24″ Propane vapor/Nat.gas ‘Deluxe’ heater
-26″ LP (liquid) ‘Deluxe’ heater   
-26″ Propane vapor/Nat.gas ‘Deluxe’ heater
-28″ LP (liquid) ‘Deluxe’ heater   
-28″ Propane vapor/Nat.gas ‘Deluxe’ heater


New galvanized aeration fans Less controls.  Quantities limited
12″ 1hp 1ph w/110v cord…..
12″ 1hp 3ph……contact us
14″ 1hp 1ph w/110 cord……contact us
14″ 1hp 3ph…… us
14″ 1.5hp 1ph w/110v cord…
14″ 1.5hp 3ph……..
16″ 2hp 1ph………contact us
16″ 2hp 3ph………contact us
18″ 3hp 1ph………contact us
18″ 3hp 3ph………contact us
22″ 4.5hp 1ph………contact us

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